Checking out the waterfalls

I’ve been planning a waterfall outing with the Barrie Photo Club, scheduled for tomorrow. As part of my preparations, I scouted out the entire route through Grey County and Owen Sound yesterday. I needed to make sure that everything was accessible and that the directions were accurate – thankfully everything was exactly as I expected it. I have been to these falls before, but still I took a photo at each one. All of these photos are processed at HDR (High Dynamic Range), and combine between three and four separate images. They have been heavily processed – let me know if you like the results!

Gallery Exhibits, Teaching, and more!

I’ve been quite busy lately!

I have had my photography on display at a few local places, and I thought I’d let you know where to look to see it. I just recently just an exhibit up at The Creative Palette in Thornton, which will be up until at least the end of March, 2011. Its a fantastic little gallery and if you’re looking for some local art (including mine!) it is a great place to find it:

I have also had a display up in the Painter’s Hall Bistro in Barrie, which has done well for me. I’ve sold a few pieces from the exhibit there so far and received countless compliments on my work. Also, sitting in my room right now is another eight pieces waiting to go up – a few possibilities and I’ll know more soon. Here’s a photo I’ve taken recently that I’ve just printed as a 72″x20″ canvas – my biggest yet:

Tonight is the third night this week that I’ll be teaching. Tuesday I presented a garden photography lecture to the Huronia Rose Society, Wednesday I taught Photoshop for Photographers at Georgian College, and tonight is an Introduction to Photography course. I truly enjoy every minute of teaching, and I’m excited to be doing as much of it as I am. I’ll be doing a few more classes soon too – I’ll keep you all posted.

Oh, and my book as been doing extremely well! If you haven’t taken a look yet, you can find more information in this post. If you’ve bought it and love it, please leave a comment on Blurb to let everyone else know what you think (if you admire my work but haven’t bought a copy – feel free to leave a comment too!).

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