Child’s Play Charity

Just thought I’d mention one of my favourite charities this time of the year.

Child’s Play was a charity started a few years ago with the goal to give video games, toys, board games etc to children in hospitals around the world (including our own Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto). You can buy game consoles, games, or give donations or anything you’d like to the charity and they get the gifts to Children in time for Christmas.

Especially this year when there is probably less money to go around for families paying huge medical bills, making a kid’s Christmas or just helping them take their minds off of the pain is a great idea. I donate $20 every year, and they raise over a million dollars in toys and cash every Christmas.

You’ll find the link of the right side of my blog until sometime in January. Here’s a letter from the site:

I thought I’d bring you up to date on what we’re doing with the funds from your grant. We bought a number of handheld video games which can be loaned to patients who are confined to their beds. In addition, we bought a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit. This is a HUGE success and we will probably buy several more. Not only are they suitable for recreation, but they serve a therapeutic purpose as well. We have discovered that spinal cord injured patients can sit on the Fit’s balance board and work on core balance by playing the games. Although we had initially thought we’d buy computer equipment, this is a much better use of the funds, and, I hope, you’ll “approve.” So, in addition to the library reaping the benefits, we are able to get the equipment out to where the patients live at our hospital – on the units and in the gyms. Thank you again for the generosity of Child’s Play. I hope that, in the future, we might be able to apply for additional funds. There are plans to convert space into a patient recreation center and would like to include additional games, equipment, etc. that would enhance their quality of life.


Amy L. Frey, MA AHIP
Manager, Health Sciences Library & Resource Center
Hospital for Special Care
New Britain, CT

Fun with knives!

Welcome Pumpkin Carving Searchers!

This is my post popular post this time of the year – Google and other search engines love my carving, and I’m glad you do too. Please check out the rest of my blog and if you like something, I would greatly appreciate a comment. Thank you for enjoying my art!

Its October 29th, 2 days away from one of my favourite holidays – Halloween. One thing that I’ve always loved doing around this time of year is carve a pumpkin. Usually Just the standard jack-o’-lantern face is what I end up doing, with a few exceptions. This year I wanted to try something a little more detailed. After surfing the net for a while and searching for jack-o’-lantern stencils, I came across one I liked and got to work. A whopping three hours later I present you this:

I learned a lot from carving that, and really like the result. I printed off the pattern and carved through it lightly with an x-acto knife to get the pattern to show up on the pumpkin, then chipped away at the parts I wanted to remove, taking off the surface skin of the pumpkin. I then found a very thin knife and started cutting all the way through where I needed to.

The tricky part is patience. If I hadn’t shipped off the outer skin first, the whole pieces to remove would not have been as easy to remove and I probably would have lost a lot of the detail. It now sits ominously near the front door, waiting to greet trick-or-treaters in a few days. Here’s a close-up:

And in case you can’t tell what that is in the carving, you’re looking at the Headless Horseman throwing a jack-o’-lantern at you 😉


Just looked outside right now and its snowing! I guess that’s normal for this time of the year, but I always find this a depressing time of the year. I love winter activities and things you can do with snow, but I hate the cold and removing the stuff from our driveway. Anyhow, snow time begins!

New Job!

Actually I had an interview over a week ago now and I’ll be starting my new job this coming Saturday. I really enjoyed working for Intertan (both THS Studio and The Source). Worked with some fantastic people over the past year and a half, at no less than three separate stores! Was a lot of fun, I learned a lot. But my interests change, and to me working while in school isn’t exactly a career choice, so it should at least reflect my interests.
Blacks logo
Starting Saturday, I’ll be working part-time at Black’s in the Georgian Mall. Hopefully I’ll bring home a paycheque and not just spend it all at work. 😛 Wish me luck!

Sunrises and Sickness

Over the last week I came down with a really nasty throat infection. All good now, but for a few days it was looking pretty miserable. Up at all hours of the night, avoiding solid foods, etc. Glad I don’t have to put up with that every day! But I noticed something interesting…

Sometime between 5 and 6am the sun rises this time of year. Walking to the kitchen to grab something to quench my thirst, I noticed our cat Bungie sitting wide-eyed and attentive watching the sun rise. Catching a cat in such a moment really builds his character, especially when I realised he does this every morning (caught him twice).

Another perk of being a cat and sleeping all day: you get to watch the sun rise any day you wish.

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