Rose Tea from Vietnam!

My cousin James just returned from quite an adventure through Eastern Asia and ending in New Zealand. On these travels we had been in contact via e-mail, and he told me to expect a package in the mail. A few weeks later, a very curious package arrived in the mail:

The package contained something that I was quite happy to receive; inside was a great letter and a wonderful gift from Vietnam – Rose Tea:

The tea is effectively dried rosebuds in a package, such an intriguing idea to use roses as an herbal tea! Interesting fact: Roses are very closely related genetically to apples.

Anyhow, Desi and I decided to try out the tea, and I found it quite crisp and very aromatic, Desi found it wonderful as well – a great tea with a unique story! Desi and I both thought it was a nice romantic gift for us to share.

We also made a cup of it for Desi’s mom, and I think that out of the three of us, I enjoyed it the most – I love these special herbal teas. Thanks very much for the great gift James, I’m still shocked it made it through customs without a problem!

Beautiful Art

Even though she is extremely busy, that doesn’t stop her creativity one bit! Recently, Desi created a painting for one of her teachers and I had the opportunity to see it and photograph it before it was given away. This is definitely one of my favourites, and I thought I would share it with everyone here as well:

When people ask me where I get my inspiration, the answer is often from art like this. 🙂

Easter 2010 in Oakville

This year for Easter we went to Oakville to visit my aunt Cynthia and uncle James, and my little cousins Easton and Maddyx. I hadn’t been there in a while, so it was a really great visit. It was quite the gang we had there, many smiles and great conversations, not to mention the food! It was a wonderful Easter, and so great to see everyone again. One of the highlights, however, was when Maddyx decided to join in the ball hockey game on the street as the goalie:

It was a great light-hearted evening. Many more photos below!

Memories in March

Whenever March comes along, I think a little more than usual about my Dad. Its all positive things, and these thoughts leave me with a smile. I feel in many ways that his spirit and inspiration live on in these memories, and help me strive to pursue my passions in life. To that end, I put a new twist on a photo that many of you should recognize:

I hope that at some point this year I can revisit this place. I love you, Dad.

Shaw’s Maple Syrup – BPC Outing

Today was an outing with the Barrie Photo Club, making for an early morning. We gathered at Shaw’s Pancake House for breakfast, to go for a walk in the nearby maple sap farm. The food was great (especially the syrup!) and the want was amazing. It was great to get out taking photos again, and very enjoyable with the company of a few fellow BPC members. Here is a photo from today of an old tractor we came across:

We also came across the old boiler shed out in the woods, which can certainly seen better days:

It was a great way to spend my morning! Normally I wouldn’t have even been awake at this point on a Saturday, so it was a nice change. Part way through our walk in the woods, a horse-drawn wagon came by a nearby path. Completely unexpectedly, look who I found out for a ride:

Looks like mom and Walter decided to come check out the place and go for a horse ride! Too bad they didn’t stay for breakfast, it was delicious. 🙂 More photos below, even though it was a chilly overcast day, I still got some decent photos!

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