Valentine’s Day in Niagara Falls

This past weekend was a nice getaway for Desi and I. I treated her to a night in Niagara Falls, complete with dinner at the Skylon rotating dining room overlooking the city. We had a absolutely wonderful time, and it has convinced me that we should have little getaways like this more often. This was the best Valentine’s Day ever, I love you very much Desi! 🙂 Here’s a photo of us by the falls:

I took a moment to take the photos needed to make a panorama of the falls. Here’s a very small version of the panorama, the full version is 236 megapixels:

We visited the casino and had a great time spending $12 and winning back $2. We were a little startled when we found out that the parking cost more than our gambling though! Our final stop before we headed home was another surprise – the butterfly conservatory. Desi and I walked around the paths about three times, chasing after the butterflies for photos, and just enjoying the tropical environment in the dead of winter. I got some great photos, and Desi too!

Some of the butterflies were extremely colourful, and the the photos turned out great. Desi and I were talking around and pointing out the most colourful ones, especially the wings on this one:

We really enjoyed our visit to the butterfly conservatory, and noticed some nice hiking trails in the area. This is probably a place we’ll go back to in the summer! Here’s another photo, and the gallery below:

And I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone for all of the comments you leave on my blog. I read every one and look forward to them always. Thanks so much!

Happy New Year!

New Years was great, as it usually is. On New Years Day we decided to head down to the park to build a snowman. When we got there the snow just wasn’t sticky enough for making anything larger than a snowball – so snowballs it was. It was a blast! Desi and I, Mom and Walter, and Karryna and her boyfriend Kevin all had tons of fun. Check it out in the gallery below:

Oh, and I’ll have photos from New Years Eve soon – just need to get the film developed. Yep, I shot two roles of film for New Years Eve. Nothing digital.

August 9 2009: A Bulgarian Concert

Winding down our trip, but still a full agenda! On this day, we went to visit Desi’s aunt again, and got to see her cousin Krisi who wasn’t there on our first visit. It was great to share the stories of our trip across Europe with everyone!

We then went out to shop for souvenirs, to the internet cafĂ©, and I think I decided to call my grandparents during the day at some point – just to say hi. I think I tried to get ahold of a few people, but some weren’t home. Desi did the same, but only got ahold of Geri to say goodbye.Before we knew it much of the day had passed and we were on our way to a concert!

Nasi had told us about this concert and asked if we wanted to go, which we certainly did. The concert I can only really describe as an orchestral rock variety hour. So much fun!

The concert was very well done, and had little skits in between the musical performances. The musical performances were great and fully orchestrated with performers and musicians. Definitely one of the most interesting concerts I had ever been to. Desi even translated some of the lyrics for me. 🙂

Here’s the crew that went to the concert! The unfamiliar faces are Mitko and Mariela, good friends of Nasi and Nasko (Nasko’s taking the photo – great job!):

We had a great time, and after the concert Desi bought some freshly fried mini doughnuts to try – and they were delicious. Nasi and Nasko were kind enough to drive us there and back, and we would see Nasi again on the next day – our final day of adventure. 🙂

Engagement Party on Halloween

Desi mom decided to have an engagement party for Desi and I, something that we were both very excited for. This would be for Desi’s friends, relatives, and friends of the family to show their support for us in celebration. It was such a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed all the amazing wishes from everyone. I’m sure it makes a huge difference to have the encouragement of others for things like this – thanks to everyone! The gifts were beyond anything I would have expected and Desi and I both appreciate it very much.

Here’s a photo of the amazing table spread:

The party happened to fall on October 31st, one of my favourite days of the year. In Bulgaria, Halloween is not a celebrated holiday so dressing up was new for Desi and her family and friends. The results were great though, and here is a shot of Desi dressed up as Marilyn Monroe:

And here is a shot of everyone that dressed up:

The evening was wonderful, and I got many compliments on my costume, as did Desi. One of the best Holloweens ever for sure! Oh, and of course here the photo of this year’s pumpkin:

More in the gallery below:

Zombie Walk 2009

Barrie’s annual Zombie Walk took place on October 30th, and I happened to eb downtown with my camera to snap some photos of the people participating. To be honest, I thought this would be a small event, but in reality there was probably 60 or so people dressed in gory, bloody, undead garb. It was quite fun to see the different costumes and I ran into a few photographers that I knew as well. It was a great way to spend a few hours in the evening.

Here are my favourite shots:

This photo was something of a fluke, but I was quite happy with the results:

And some people were very…. enthusiastic?

Needless to say, people really got into it! More pics in the gallery below.

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