Showcase: Desi’s Art

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I was updating Desi’s portfolio recently and photographed all of Desi’s new paintings – and I’m very happy to present them here for everyone to enjoy! This art was all beautifully painted in the past year, and many of them in the past few months. One of them is quite special: celebrating our 3rd anniversary since we started dating, Desi and I made another painting together. We decided to try watercolour, and this was the (very colourful) result:

I must say that I have only painted three times in my life, each time on our anniversary. I find it quite the challenge, and its always fun. Try and guess which parts of that painting Desi did, and which parts were mine. 🙂 Its a fantastic way to commemorate a very special date, the happiest three years of my life. I love you very much Desi! <3

Desi has been creating some very inspirational work lately, and I absolutely love every one. Here is one that sits on my bookshelf and constantly inspires me:

Its been fun photographing this art, I’ve learned a lot about creating art reproductions. The full resolution of the above image is about 100 megapixels!

I am incredibly amazed of this work, and very proud of what Desi is able to accomplish even though she works so hard in so many other endeavours. School, work, and much more keep her busy, but she still finds time to be creative. Please see the full gallery below, and leave your comments!

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