Come See Me at Kempenfest 2012!

Kempenfest 2012 is upon us, and for the third year I’ll be participating! Kempenfest is the largest arts and crafts festival in the region, of which I claim my own little corner of.

The last two years have been very successful for me, and I’m very excited to show off my new work (and all of the crowd favourites), hopefully destined to be in the homes of admirers. I will also have copies of my book available, as well as snowflake greeting cards (you’ll want to see these!).

If you’ve got time this weekend and simply want to stop by and talk photography, I’d love that. If you’d like to support me and put some great art on your walls, I’d love that even more.

Where you can find me:

I’m in spot 109A (same as previous years), right in front of the washrooms on Centennial Beach – easy to get to! I’m there from 10AM-6PM from Saturday August 4 to Monday August 6, 2012. It’s looking like Sunday is going to give us some rain, but that might be just the time to visit if you want to beat the crowds. 🙂 Saturday and Monday look beautiful, however!

Let’s add some photos to this post too. I’ve been shooting lots of nature work lately, including waterfalls, water droplets and tons of macro work. Here’s a fun spider web photo:

I sprayed the web with a mist bottle, the special ingredient to this photograph. The sun was low on the horizon and cast a dark shadow behind the web, giving the dark background. Shot with natural light and my new Canon 1D X, which performs extremely well at the high ISO settings required to make this image. Now for a fun insect picture:

This is a Leaf-cutter bee, an adorable little insect. I’ve photographed these bees before in flight, and they are very fast insects and hard to get in focus. Sometimes, you get lucky! They collect pollen, but not in the usual way. Honey Bees gather pollen in cavities on their legs, where Leaf-cutter Bees have a “pollen brush” on their abdomen. They land on a flower and stick their but in the air, and proceed to add pollen to it with their hind legs. Happy with the new addition, they move on to more flowers. Equally fascinating are butterflies:

It’s wonderful to think that such a tiny, fragile insect, fueled only by flowers, can travel so far and so fast. Some butterflies can travel thousands of kilometers in their lifetime on very fragile wings. Nature is truly remarkable, and I have a print of this image in my exhibition at Kempenfest. Stop by to check it out!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my photographic career so far – you’ve helped me to get to this point and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m hoping that Kempenfest this year will help me a step further along this wonderful adventure. 🙂

Win a Maple Leaf Flag!

I’m giving one away! A 24″x12″ gallery canvas of my image “Maple Leaf Flag”:

How do you get it? I’ll draw a random name from people who do the following:

“Like” My Facebook Fan Page – near the top center of the page!

“Share” My Facebook Fan Page – bottom of the left column, you’ll find the “share” link… if you like my work, share it with your friends!

Deadline is November 5, 2011

That’s all. If you’re already a fan on facebook, and you’ve talked me up at all in the past, you are already entered in this contest. Good luck! This piece typically has a value of $160.

Join me at Kempenfest this weekend! Jul 30 – Aug 1

A quick reminder to everyone that I will be at Kempenfest this year, down at the Barrie waterfront. The festival runs from July 30th to August 1st – Come visit! If you’ve been admiring mphotography, I’ll have prints from $30 and canvases from $100, and I’ll also have my book available, autographed hardcover for $50.

I will be in spot 109A – just beside the washrooms at Centennial Park. Last year was a huge success, and this year will be even better!

I also want to share my latest photograph:

I had been experimenting with water droplet refraction photos lately, using flowers as the subject of refraction. I thought to myself that it would be fun to try the same process with an image, namely my Maple Leaf Flag photograph. I printed a special version of it with extended borders, and using the same method decsribed in an earlier post, snapped the photo.

I’m working right now on having this image available on a postcard, however it won’t be available in time for Kempenfest. If you’d like one, let me know!

Introducing Abstract Brush: Desi’s new website!

As many of you know from the outstanding artwork I have posted here, Desi is an absolutely fantastic abstract painter. As far of my birthday gift to her, I’ve created a website that showcases all of her artwork: paintings, drawings, watercolour, and anything else. More will be added soon, but you should certainly check out the site:

Check our the new website here! I’m sure she’d love feedback on the site and her work, and each piece of artwork on the website allows for comments to be added. If you like something, write a quick comment!

Amazing Art <3

Desi’s creativity continues to amaze me, her newest paintings are so incredibly inspiring and unique, I wanted to share them with everyone here. I’m sure you’ll be impressed 🙂

Her artwork constantly inspires me to use my imagination more in my photography – to think outside the box, find new angles, and not to give up until I have created something beautiful myself. I know Desi’s artwork has the same affect on many people, so I like to share it here as often as I can 🙂 <3 amazing work as always, sweetheart 🙂 I love you so very much!

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