Fisheye Toronto

I got a phone call from a colleague this week to hop in a helicopter above downtown Toronto. “Awesome!” I say, “when?”… leaving immediately!

I did some promotional video work for Eye In The Sky Photography, and then had a moment to try my own thing – a fisheye image about 1800ft above Toronto’s shoreline. This was the result:

It turned out exactly as I envisioned it, and I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to make this image. It’s one of those days of random adventure, and a reason why I love my job!

Save the Canadian Air & Space Museum

I don’t often get on my soap box, but this is something that I want to bring to everyone’s attention. The images attached to this post show the the current state of the Canada Air & Space Museum. They’re packing up what’s left, loading up skids and clearing out the building. Last year, they were evicted. Currently, they have no place to go.

The Air & Space Museum is home to some of the most spectacular artifacts of Canadian invention and engineering, including a scale replica of the CF-105 Avro Arrow, currently being disassembled.

There’s a whole story behind the eviction, and I encourage you to read about it at their website:

I was lucky enough to be allowed to enter the facility, which was once the De Havilland Canada aircraft manufacturing plant during World War II. It was designated a heritage site, a designation that mysteriously disappeared when the museum was evicted. (they claimed it’s listing as a heritage site was “an error”). Hockey rinks are going in when the museum has cleared out.

The museum is a non-profit organization and has no public funding. They depend on private support and donations. I encourage anyone who wants to see the museum find a new home to donate: or become a member (memberships are currently $20). They are in talks for a new location, but the atmosphere during my visit was very sombre. They certainly need help.

I never had the chance to see the museum when it was opened. I’d love to see it again under better circumstances. Since my visit yesterday, I have been reading much more about Canada’s air and space history, and I must say I’m inspired. I have a new book to read, authored by the still-living Landcaster bomber Philip Gray.

Please tell me your thoughts on this! I’d love to have a discussion about it. This history needs to be saved.

Spring in the Forest

Spring is here, and things are greening up quickly! I made a day trip to the nearby Copeland Forest to see how lively the wildlife was, and I was pleasantly surprised. Birds, animals, insects, the world has come back to life with much energy after a mild and short winter. From the delightfully small Chickadee:

To the shy yet curious Painted Turles:

…and even a playful Mink!

and yes, of course I took the macro lens out to photograph many species of insects along the way, through both the forest and along Barrie’s waterfront:

Enjoy the full gallery, and try to get out and enjoy some of it yourself! The world is alive again.