Goodbye winter, hello…. summer?

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Where did spring go?? We have had such unseasonably warm weather that is breaking all sorts of temperature records, and it has encouraged me to get out shooting something other than snowflakes!

Here’s a photograph that I took at Barrie’s waterfront yesterday morning. The ice was nearly completely gone, but still cooling the air over the lake enough to create fog. This was the result:

Actually, that’s not entirely true. That’s the “edited” result. Below is the image I photographed right out of the camera so you can see how much work goes into getting the image I was looking for. I had to place the sun into the frame, in a position that would normally only be found in mid-late summer. Take a look:

The Barrie Photo Club has an outing to Shaw’s Pancake House recently, and I was happy to be able to go this year. Despite the unusual weather the sap was still flowing nicely. Here’s a couple pics:

and the below picture is a section of tubing that carries sap from trees back to the boiler, a more modern approach. The water droplets show a refracted image of the maple forest:

And finally, Desi and I had a wonderful afternoon in High Park in Toronto, and during the visit we came across this pair of swans. It was a great way to spend the afternoon! <3

More fun pictures to come! Sorry for not updating the blog that much recently, I have been very active over on Google+. I’ll post more soon!