January Snowflake Series

I know not everyone is active on Google+ where I am posting these, so here are 10 of my favourite snowflakes photographed so far this year. There are some extremely beautiful images, from the small-but-stunning:

To the incredibly large:

Check out the gallery and read the descriptions for a little insight. I have many more of these still to put together and winter is far from over. It’s going to be a great year! Check out Google+ if you can’t wait for more, I post one every day. 🙂

Winter Landscapes

As much as I hope for the snow, we have had relatively little this year. Snowflakes aside, I have been trying to keep up with my landscape photography as well but the weather hasn’t cooperated. Even still, I have been able to grab a few great shots so far this season:

The halo and Sun Dogs around the sun are caused by a cloud of ice crystals, and I found it near the Alliston area. I drove there hoping to find snow, but this was a much nicer surprise!

I set my sights on Bracebridge as a snow system was moving in, only for it to move off-course by the time I arrived. I chose my location wisely however – as a back-up I knew that Potts Falls would still be flowing and I was treated to quite the landscape.

Finally, I tried a different approach with this last image. I don’t often create “pan-blur” images, but this is one that I liked. It is an extremely wide angle of view and I rotated the camera to blur the details and make it look painterly. Please tell me your thoughts!

I’ll make a snowflake post soon too 🙂 For those eager to see my snowflake images, I am posting a new one every single day over at Google+, check it out!

Looking Back: The Best of 2011

I wanted to take a look at the best artwork I created in the past year, and I had forgotten how many amazing shots were taken so recently. As a photographer, I am constantly trying to achieve greater success and create better art… but 2011 might be hard to beat!

If I had to choose a favourite, I would have to say its “Barrie Under Fire”:

Creating this image was equal parts luck, skill, and stupidity. I’m thrilled with the results and I hope for such amazing luck in the future.

The past year has seen my career really get started. Great success at art shows and exhibits, publications, three cover shots, my first book, teaching at Georgian College and so much more. It has been very hard work, and I’m pleased with where it has brought me.

I’ve put together an gallery of 30 images from 2011 for everyone to look at,

please leave a comment with your favourite!

Outdoor Photography 2012 Cover Shot

I am very excited to officially announce my cover shot and cover story in the latest issue of Outdoor Photography Canada!

The article is a detailed and easy to follow how-to on snowflake photography. I give away many of my secrets, and if you’ve been wanted to try to photograph some for yourself this winter, I highly recommend running out and picking up a copy!

Better yet, get a subscription. This is one of the best photographic magazines around right now, certainly the best in Canada and I am honoured to be a part of it.

I’ve also been hard at work on more snowflake photos! I post one daily to Google Plus, and here is my latest creation:

Winter certainly is keeping me busy! I want to do a look back on the year of 2011 here, which I’ll be posting soon. The past year has been one of success and growth, and 2012 is already promising the same. I want to give a very big Thank You! to everyone who is supporting me and my endeavors, it wouldn’t be possible without the encouragement I constantly receive.