Entertainment in the Night Sky

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Yesterday was Canada Day, and as many of you know I am a proud Canadian. Barrie had a fireworks display, which I headed out to try and photograph. Finding the proper location was quite the challenge, and I opted for silhouettes of people in the foreground to frame the shot:

The fireworks display was alright, but not spectacular. The above photo is actually three bursts combined to make it look bigger than it actually was. I decided that with some life on the waterfront after the fireworks display and boats on the lake… I would try another kind of shot showcasing beauty in the sky. Star Trails:

The stars and always moving through the night sky, and these trails show you how much they move over an hour. The center of the spiral is the North Star, which has been used for navigation in ages past because it doesn’t move (much). Because of the light pollution from the city, I had to take this photo in 30 second segments. Later, in Photoshop, its easy to combine the 120 resulting photos into one (and choosing my favourite foreground bits from various shots as well). The result shows the magic of the evening after all the Canada Day revelers had packed up and gone home.

Everyone came out for the fireworks, I stayed for the natural wonder.

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