Introducing Abstract Brush: Desi’s new website!

As many of you know from the outstanding artwork I have posted here, Desi is an absolutely fantastic abstract painter. As far of my birthday gift to her, I’ve created a website that showcases all of her artwork: paintings, drawings, watercolour, and anything else. More will be added soon, but you should certainly check out the site:

Check our the new website here! I’m sure she’d love feedback on the site and her work, and each piece of artwork on the website allows for comments to be added. If you like something, write a quick comment!

Nature gives you the tools

I am on a break from class right now – I took my Macro Photography class out this morning and afternoon to photograph wildflowers, and our final class is at 7:00PM tonight. I wanted to share with you all one photo I took today, however:

The ingredients for such a photo are simple: Spider Web, Flower, Spray Bottle, and Flash.

Spray the web with water, until saturated. Then hold the flower about an inch below (distance is based on size of flower), aim the flash at the flower and fire away. How easily a disgusting old cobweb can turn into a thing of beauty. This is one of the many reasons why I love photography. 🙂

Set 2 from the Toronto Zoo

Here is another set of images from the Toronto Zoo. Yesterday (Sunday June 12th) was Red Panda Day at the zoo, so I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a photo of the little guy:

And the rest of the set is below, I particularly like the Arctic Wolves:

Toronto Zoo Photography

Yesterday, the Barrie Photo Club had an outing to the Toronto Zoo, which I tagged along for. This resulted in better photos that I could have expected, like this one:

Some of the creatures (oddly, all the very large ones – rhinos, elephants, giraffes etc) were being elusive yesterday, so I’ll definitely have to go back. Here is a small gallery to start, with another set coming tomorrow. Tell me what you think!

Barrie Under Fire: Photographing Lightning

It was nearing 1:00AM early Wednesday morning. I should have been in bed. In fact, I WAS in bed; That is, until I noticed the lighting flashing outside my window. I’ll save the rest of the story for after the image, because I know you are already looking at it:

Click Here for a version of the image that you can zoom and navigate around

I’ve always been searching for that lightning shot, and as I started to fall asleep, the flashes of light kept waking me up. The temptation to go out and photograph it became too much to bear, and I jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on, and grabbed my camera. As I was heading out and beginning to drive down to the waterfront, I was laughing at myself, because the chances were so remotely slim that the storm system would even be there when I found a suitable place to take a photo. I honestly should have been in bed, it was a long day already.

The storm system was south of Barrie, so I drove to the northern shores of Kempenfelt Bay (Heritage Park) to see what I could get in the frame across the lake. I set up the camera, taking endless 20 second exposures, hoping to catch a glimpse of lightning in one of them – and then it happened. A bright cascade of lighting crackled across the sky…. just out of frame to the right. I won’t repeat the words I used. I re-adjusted the camera, willing to give it one more shot…. and the storm seemed to have died. A half hour went by without any activity, and I was getting tired and impatient, and told myself that I’ll pack up and go home at 12:45. The photo above was made at 12:42AM. The lightning took about 5 seconds to spread across the field of view, right in the middle of a 20-second exposure.

Giddy with excitement and lack of sleep, I headed home and didn’t get to bed until 2:00AM, I wanted to edit the massive water spots out of the photo and convince myself the adventure was worth it before falling asleep. I believe it was. Funny how some of my best photos have been taken when I should be sleeping. 🙂

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