Gallery Exhibits, Teaching, and more!

I’ve been quite busy lately!

I have had my photography on display at a few local places, and I thought I’d let you know where to look to see it. I just recently just an exhibit up at The Creative Palette in Thornton, which will be up until at least the end of March, 2011. Its a fantastic little gallery and if you’re looking for some local art (including mine!) it is a great place to find it:

I have also had a display up in the Painter’s Hall Bistro in Barrie, which has done well for me. I’ve sold a few pieces from the exhibit there so far and received countless compliments on my work. Also, sitting in my room right now is another eight pieces waiting to go up – a few possibilities and I’ll know more soon. Here’s a photo I’ve taken recently that I’ve just printed as a 72″x20″ canvas – my biggest yet:

Tonight is the third night this week that I’ll be teaching. Tuesday I presented a garden photography lecture to the Huronia Rose Society, Wednesday I taught Photoshop for Photographers at Georgian College, and tonight is an Introduction to Photography course. I truly enjoy every minute of teaching, and I’m excited to be doing as much of it as I am. I’ll be doing a few more classes soon too – I’ll keep you all posted.

Oh, and my book as been doing extremely well! If you haven’t taken a look yet, you can find more information in this post. If you’ve bought it and love it, please leave a comment on Blurb to let everyone else know what you think (if you admire my work but haven’t bought a copy – feel free to leave a comment too!).

Snowflakes of the New Year

We’ve had some great snowfalls this year – hopefully there will be more to come! I’ve been out with my camera, and I’ve gotten some of the best snowflake photos I’ve ever taken. I’d like to share a few:

This snowflake is my new favourite. By taking the photo on an angle, the reflection of light makes the snowflake glow. However, this means that I can’t get the whole snowflake in focus in a single photograph. The image you see is the result of combining 17 (yes, seventeen) separate images at different focus points. All done by hand. It is not an easy process, but the results are worth all the time it takes:

I’ve uncovered a few mysteries along the way, as well. I had no idea what I was looking at when I reviewed the images of the snowflake below. Two near-perfect circles, something I never would have expected to find:

The circles are still somewhat of a mystery to me, but I’ve found other photos that show the same phenomenon. Expert opinions on the topic seem to relate it to inward crystal growth, and I was given a link to a scientific paper that seems to discuss this in detail that is above and beyond my understanding.

Regardless, I find all of these photos fascinating. Especially the next one, which resembles a heart. Being Valentine’s Day, I’ve given this one to Desi as a gift. 🙂

Check out the rest in the gallery, tell me what you think. I always appreciate the feedback – it motivates me to get out and take more photos!

Showcase: Desi’s Art

I was updating Desi’s portfolio recently and photographed all of Desi’s new paintings – and I’m very happy to present them here for everyone to enjoy! This art was all beautifully painted in the past year, and many of them in the past few months. One of them is quite special: celebrating our 3rd anniversary since we started dating, Desi and I made another painting together. We decided to try watercolour, and this was the (very colourful) result:

I must say that I have only painted three times in my life, each time on our anniversary. I find it quite the challenge, and its always fun. Try and guess which parts of that painting Desi did, and which parts were mine. 🙂 Its a fantastic way to commemorate a very special date, the happiest three years of my life. I love you very much Desi! <3

Desi has been creating some very inspirational work lately, and I absolutely love every one. Here is one that sits on my bookshelf and constantly inspires me:

Its been fun photographing this art, I’ve learned a lot about creating art reproductions. The full resolution of the above image is about 100 megapixels!

I am incredibly amazed of this work, and very proud of what Desi is able to accomplish even though she works so hard in so many other endeavours. School, work, and much more keep her busy, but she still finds time to be creative. Please see the full gallery below, and leave your comments!