Waterfall Tour

I’m in the middle of teaching my class now, the final day is November 4th. I am having a blast with it, and coming up on the 30th is an outing that I’ve had to plan and organize as well. I decided on waterfalls as the subject, and had to explore most of the area’s waterfalls. From Owen Sound to Muskoka, I finally settled on two that are in Bracebridge – Potts Falls and Wilson’s Falls. My adventures took me many more places though, with a full gallery of local waterfalls below:

Oh, and I thought I’d through a map on these, as all of the photos are geotagged.
(map best viewed full screen)

The World is not Five and a Half Feet Tall

I have been out taking quite a few example photos for my course at Georgian, some to illustrate certain tips on composition. Here’s an image that represents one of my concepts: the world is not five and a half feet tall:

I always find that there are more angles to photograph something in nature than we realize. Sometimes getting down on the ground and pointing the camera up can get some really interesting looks:

I tried to photograph that sunset for a while, but it was missing the subject and the story. The sunflowers added that. 🙂

Thanks very much for all of the positive comments I have been receiving lately as well! I take it all to heart and it certainly inspires and motivates me. Yesterday I spent all day photographing waterfalls… photos to come soon!

Abandoned, but not Forgotten

I made a quick trip to Sudbury recently, and was heading home during the sunset hour. When the light was getting to be really vibrant, I decided to pull off onto the next sideroad and try to find something to photograph. Maybe 5 minutes down the road I see a car pulled over and two photographers in a field standing near this old farm house:

One of the men, Eric, said that the farm belonged to his grandfather many years ago, but has been abandoned for quite some time. They didn’t mind me tagging along, so I did just that. We walked inside to find peeling paint and a few old stoves rusting away to nothing. The real beauty was on the outside though, in the moments when the sun passed below the horizon.


The weather hasn’t been cooperating with me lately – the forecast calls for some light clouds, and I get an overcast sky. I get up to get out and take photos before sunrise, and the light I’m looking for never comes. That doesn’t matter though – there are still photos to be made:

I find this little seedling to be very inspirational – it likely won’t survive where it is, but that doesn’t stop it from trying. 🙂