A moment with the stars

Last night we had our monthly meeting with the Barrie Photo Club executive committee. The meeting ended after the sun went down, and I took the opportunity to snap a shot of the night sky before heading home. It was a full moon however, so I couldn’t get as many stars in the photo without the light from the moon overpowering the sky. This is actually my first try (aside from a photo of the moon) at a photo of the night sky:

I was speaking with a few friends and they have been asking when I’ll be updating the blog. It is really encouraging to hear this, as it reminds me how many people are interested in my photography. A special shout out to everyone across the pond! I’ll post again soon, I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚

Memories in March

Whenever March comes along, I think a little more than usual about my Dad. Its all positive things, and these thoughts leave me with a smile. I feel in many ways that his spirit and inspiration live on in these memories, and help me strive to pursue my passions in life. To that end, I put a new twist on a photo that many of you should recognize:

I hope that at some point this year I can revisit this place. I love you, Dad.

Shaw’s Maple Syrup – BPC Outing

Today was an outing with the Barrie Photo Club, making for an early morning. We gathered at Shaw’s Pancake House for breakfast, to go for a walk in the nearby maple sap farm. The food was great (especially the syrup!) and the want was amazing. It was great to get out taking photos again, and very enjoyable with the company of a few fellow BPC members. Here is a photo from today of an old tractor we came across:

We also came across the old boiler shed out in the woods, which can certainly seen better days:

It was a great way to spend my morning! Normally I wouldn’t have even been awake at this point on a Saturday, so it was a nice change. Part way through our walk in the woods, a horse-drawn wagon came by a nearby path. Completely unexpectedly, look who I found out for a ride:

Looks like mom and Walter decided to come check out the place and go for a horse ride! Too bad they didn’t stay for breakfast, it was delicious. ๐Ÿ™‚ More photos below, even though it was a chilly overcast day, I still got some decent photos!

Playing with Water

I had some time today to play around with my camera a little bit. My task today was to try and photograph water droplets. The Barrie Photo Club has monthly themes for photos to submit for fun and exposure, and this month’s theme is “motion”. Freezing the motion of falling water droplets, I thought, would be a great way to fit this theme. I am quite pleased with the results:

I took a few others that were worth showing (find them below), and the experience taught me a fair bit about these sorts of setups. Definitely tricky to get things right the first time, but I bet if I try it again it would be much easier. It was a great experiment, something I need to do more of, especially with flash.

So very busy lately!

Some of you have commented via e-mail or other means that my blog has been a little dry lately! Well, I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had my usual time to take photos and share them, but I figured I would at least share what I have been up to.

In mid-February, while my photos were still on display at the Barrie City Hall Rotunda, there was an evening when SNAP Barrieย  came to take photos of the winners. I stopped in that evening for the photo op, later joined by mom and Walter (thanks for the support!). It was a great little bit of exposure, and I got a copy of the pics to share:

And here is a photo of all the winners that were present that evening. Thanks very much to Mark at SNAP Barrie for the photos. Check them out for cool local community stuff! :

Another interesting thing happened recently. I was approached on Flickr (a place where I also share some of my photos) by someone claiming to have seen my Maple Leaf Flag photo submitted in a photo contest – in Vancouver! I was able to track down the photo store running the contest to inquire about it:

The owner told me that he purchased the photo through iStockPhoto to put up as an example to inspire people for their own submissions. I have had the photo listed in iStockPhoto for some time now and it has given me a constant trickle of revenue over the past year or so. Glad to see it finally out in the “wild”, especially in such a patriotic context (and even more especially during the Olympics!):

Ron, the owner, was kind enough to share these photos with me.

For reference, here is the photo:

I am not sure if the display is still up, or for how long it was up – but I thank Photo Express Foto Source for including me in a very patriotic display. I hope my photo was inspirational to those that saw it.

I have also been working recently on a photography portfolio website! The site is not completely finished yet, but you can check it out by clicking here. A lot of work has gone into it so far, and it is specifically tuned to display on mobile browsers (like the iPhone and soon-to-be iPad) so I can show off my photos on the go, and maybe get a little bit more exposure and possible a few print sales. I’ll be working on this in my free time (ha!) over the next month or so to complete it.

But that’s not all! On February 25th I talked at the Barrie Photo Club and did a presentation on travel photography (from my trip to Europe) that was very well received. I also did a three-hour seminar on photography basics this past Saturday for the photo club as well.

I’ll post again when I have time to take some photos, hopefully this warm weather will inspire me to get out with my camera a little more. ๐Ÿ™‚