August 8 2009: Dobrich and the Sea

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Nearly at the end of our journey, but there is always more people and places to see. We started this day with a trip to a nearby city, Dobrich. Desi has an aunt and uncle, Denka and Paraskev, and a cousin Iskra that we went to visit. It was great to meet them all, we shared quite a few laughs and stories even with the language barrier. Desi mentioned that it was nice to see that they are all doing well and in good health, and I agree. 🙂

They also showed me a neat little tradition with my coffee cup. Flip it upside down when it is done and wait for ti to dry, then look at the pattern created in the remnants of the coffee to tell your fortune. Interesting tradition that I was more than happy to try:

It was a wonderful visit and I’m very glad to have met them all (more photos in the gallery below). Great people,  which doesn’t surprise me at all. 🙂

After we arrived back in Varna, it was time for a walk to try and locate some souvenirs. We walked through a few bazaars and didn’t find exactly what we were looking for, so we continued on down to the seaside. As we were getting closer to the sea, we came across the same Roman bath ruins that we had seen much earlier in our trip, as they are right next to the church where Nasi was married. It was too late in the afternoon to walk through them, but I still got some nice photos:

We continued our walk to the sea, and the weather was perfect for it. There were small holes in the pier wall that you could see through to the other side, just like this one:

The port was quite busy with commercial and industrial ships, which you can see a little in the above photo. Here’s a better look at the ships you’ll find in the port:

As we continued our walk down the pier, Desi and I noticed a ship docked close to us that was unlike any of the others. Completely wind-powered, a very old ship that was complete with pirates (or people dressed as pirates) onboard:

We most certainly had to check this out – there was no way I was passing up visiting a pirate ship on the Black Sea. We approached them and Desi kindly asked if it was alright for us to take photos. The answer was a resounding “YES”, and they took it even further with costume:

They gave Desi a beautifully elegant dress from the period to wear – she was ecstatic as was I was – she looked stunning in it, even with pirates and pistols! They didn’t have anything for me though, but that’s okay – I came prepared wearing my red and white striped shirt – good enough for me!

This ship is a party ship, as best I can tell. The center of the main deck is a long table with drink holders. This is likely a ship that you can rent for the evening:

Such a fun and unexpected thing to find – certainly one of the highlights of the day for us! We continued on down the pier, where you could easily spot fishermen on the wave breakers overlooking the commercial port:

We made our way all the way to the lighthouse at the end and stopped for a moment to enjoy the evening sun. It was getting late and we needed to meet Desi’s dad for dinner so we had to hurry back to town. Before we left though, I snapped one final photo:

We had a great meal. We ate at a restaurant just next to the one we ate at on our first evening in Varna. Great food and a great way to wind down another busy day. We stopped at the internet café on our way home, and called it a night. Only one more full day to go before we were home-bound, but our adventure still continued. 🙂


  1. Meme & Pepe
    December 24th, 2009 | 3:32 pm

    Hi Don & Desi
    This one I have to comment on. WHAT AN ADVENTURE you both experienced. Something to treasure & tell your grandchildren about.
    Your coffee cup reminds me of a Crown. One that you can wear with pride. Desi looks like a Queen on the pirate ship. Now you must write a travel book, with all you have experienced. Keep up the with the fun events & MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

    Love Meme & Pepe

  2. Desi
    December 25th, 2009 | 4:27 pm

    Hi Meme and Pepe,

    Thank you very much for the sweet words. We were really happy to read your comments. Donny and I also want to thank you so very much for the sentimental and so thoughtful gifts!!! We really appreciate it!!!

    For everyone else that we spent time together with and is reading( and of course everyone else:)): Thank you so very much for the wonderful time together and for the sweetness of your company and gifts. Yesterday was a great, wonderful day, spent with a wonderful family. Thank you for being so welcoming. It was great seeing all of you.

    And today Diane and Walter, it was so great to be all together!!! I loved the time spent in laughter and sharing of moments of our lives 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful and so great gifts!
    Karryna, Donny and I cannot wait to see you and thank you for the great talk today!!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    I love you so very much Donny!!!! You are precious sweetheart! Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    with lots of love,

  3. Meme & Pepe
    December 25th, 2009 | 10:48 pm

    Hi Desi

    You are so welcome for the gifts. We also want to say a big THANK YOU
    for the beautiful wine glasses from you & Don . The wine does taste so good out of them, as we used them for our supper. We are so happy to have you in the family ,another Beautiful Granddaughter. All the best to you & Don for the coming new year. All our love.
    Meme & Pepe

  4. Diane and Walter Enns
    December 30th, 2009 | 4:42 pm

    Hi Don and Desi

    Wonderful that you were both able to spend time with Desi’s family and share those moments with us.

    Pirate ship…how fun you both look fabulous.

    I have two favorite photos…they are the ones of each of you on the pier near the lighthouse.

    We really enjoy reading all of your posts detailing your adventure in Europe.

    Love Mom and Walter

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