August 4 2009: A day without pictures

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This day marked the first day in our entire trip that I didn’t use my camera. There wasn’t much to take pictures of, however.

We awoke and had a great breakfast (and made some sandwiches for a later snack) and headed to the train station early. We didn’t have enough time to see much more of the city, and I didn’t want to convert any more money as we were about to leave the country. Desi took our remaining change and found us the best value for snacks for the rest of our journey, all but one cent. We would then board the train to Vienna, where the long wait would start.

Our plane left early in the morning to take us back to Sofia, Bulgaria. As we were arriving in the evening, we decided to stay up in the airport and wait for our check-in time. Time passed slowly. I remember falling asleep for a bit, and Desi played some games on my cell phone to pass the time as well. They would not let us check in when we got there (and all of the comfortable seats are passed the check-in point) so we spent most of the time at a McDonalds because they had padded seats.

At some point through all this, the new day started, which I’ll continue with on the next post. This also marks the last entry in our travel journal that Desi was keeping, so the rest of our trip may be a little scattered. 🙂


  1. Diane and Walter Enns
    December 6th, 2009 | 7:30 pm

    Hi Don and Desi

    No photo’s and a long wait at the airport still makes memories of your adventurous trip.

    Love Mom and Walter

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