August 2 2009: From Berlin to Prague

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It was another early morning for us, leaving our hostel just past dawn and making our way to the train station. We were a little early, but that’s far better than being late. Our train would take us directly to Prague without any transfers, so we could relax.

The scenery between Berlin and Prague was beautiful, and our route took us along a riverbank for much of the way (which I believe is the Moldau / Vltava river) which looked something like this:

Another view from the riverside:

Desi caught up on a little sleep and I believe worked on one of her beautiful drawings during this journey. I also spent some time napping, and a bit of time up and around the train car trying to find good photos (like the ones above). The blue skies didn’t last, unfortunately, and when we arrived in Prague the weather was turning against us.

We found our hostel relatively easily (Prague had a great subway system), which didn’t have an elevator; We were had to climb 5 or 6 flights of stairs to get to our room. This was no small feat with the weight of our baggage, but we managed. The hostel was selling postcards made by the receptionist, so we supported the local artist by buying ours there.

By the time we were able to venture around, the rain started. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at a nearby MacDonald’s and hoped the rain would pass us by, which it didn’t. That didn’t stop us completely, as we walked quickly to a nearby church to try and snap another fisheye photo for the series:

This church has signs up saying that photography wasn’t allowed, but it was too much to resist. I grabbed a quick photo as we were waiting for the rain to lighten up a little outside, and headed on our way.

Our next stop would be the Czech National Museum, as indoor attractions were now at the top of our list. When we arrived at roughly 6:30, we learned that the museum closes at 7. This was a mixed blessing however, because the museum has free entry on the first Monday of every month, and that would be August 3rd. We resolved to come back tomorrow, but not before getting a few photos of the streets in front:

As the weather wasn’t improving, we decided to head back to our hostel and call it an early night, one of the first on our adventure. It’s a great thing we did, as the next day would be one of our most tiring. As we were preparing for bed, I took one last photo out our hostel window of the street below:


  1. Diane and Walter Enns
    November 22nd, 2009 | 1:34 pm

    Hi Don and Desi

    It appears that you both had a beautiful train ride….the river side view is spectabular. I especially like the first one of the small town along the river side a close second is the hill side followed by of course the cathedral.

    Love Mom and Walter

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