Yarr! Ahoy me hearties

Arrr mateys, September 19th marks a special day on my calendar: International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

To commemorate this special day, I’m going to skip ahead in my travel photos slightly to post a few pictures fitting of today. On August 8th we took a walk down to the port of Varna and stumbled across a peculiar ship:

Desi asked if I could take photos of it, and we were welcomed aboard. This ship is the only one in Varna powered exclusively by the wind. The deck area was set up with tables and glasses, and appears to be a ship you can rent for drinking parties. That’s not the best part though, the best part was the pirates.

Yep, the ship was filled with people in full pirate garb. They were very charismatic (if not a little crazy) and were laughing and carrying on. While they let me pose with them, they had a better idea for Desi, and let her borrow a very elegant dress that was on board. I must say, she makes the most beautiful pirate ever:

After taking enough photos to fill my memory card (I’ll have more to share later), we headed on our way back down the shoreline to meet with Desi’s dad for dinner. This pirate encounter was one of my favourite moments in Varna 🙂 Really was quite fun and unexpected!

P.S. sorry for the lack of updates. Currently I’m working ~60 hours a week and my free time since work has started again has been limited. Hopefully the updates will continue soon 🙂

Yarr har har!