July 26 2009: Günzburg and Augsburg

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After a wonderful rest, Elena and her parents prepared a fantastic breakfast for everyone. We also took time this morning to book a flight for later in our journey to provide easy travel back to Bulgaria from Austria (avoiding the long train rides of Eastern Europe). Elena planned to take Desi and I for a walk around Günzburg in the morning, and spend the afternoon in Augsburg.  Here’s a photo taken while walking around in Günzburg:

Beautiful little town that wasn’t too busy and the people seemed friendly. The buildings were well kept and the streets were clean, you could definitely tell that people were happy to live here. We walked around and came to the largest church in town, which I had to take a photo of from the inside. The architecture was breathtaking, probably the brightest cathedral we had been in:

We also stopped and posed for a photo near an abstract statue of two people kissing. Desi liked the statue and Elena offered to take our photo; we gladly accepted the offer.

One thing that I liked about Günzburg was the number of flowers around. There flower gardens everywhere, so I stopped and took a photos of some. Here is my favourite:

Once we finished our tour of Günzburg, we made a quick stop just outside of town:

If I was 12 years younger nothing could have stopped me from spending a whole day here. Sadly, we were just passing by and taking a photo of the entrance as a souvenir. It would definitely be fun to be a kid again and spend some time in Legoland, maybe next time 🙂

From here we headed off to Augsburg where we spent the rest of our day and evening. While walking around the various streets admiring the scenery and architecture, we came across this group of people that would definitely stand out in a crowd:

I mean really, who wears a feather in their hat? I suppose the alphorns didn’t help either. Anyhow, that was an unexpected encounter that made for a great photo. We continued walking around Augsburg on streets that look very much like this:

Elena brought us to see a marionette museum, something that Desi and I would have overlooked had we been in the city by ourselves. The theater where the museum is located is quite famous, but they weren’t putting on any shows during our visit. We enjoyed a walk around the museum which was well presented, displaying characters and scenes from some of the theater’s most popular plays:

Later that night we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant and briefly went back to our hostel before adventuring out once more after dusk. I had fun taking some night photos, and we even experimented with a few night portraits. The air was calm and warm, but cooling quickly. We continued walking around town for a while and when we were satisfied, headed back to the hostel to end the day.

I’d like to thank Elena and her parents again for the absolutely wonderful hospitality they showed us during our visit. Your kindness is very much appreciated. Thanks so much!


  1. Diane Enns
    August 29th, 2009 | 6:26 pm

    Hi Don and Desi

    I have really become fond of your photos of flowers, food & drink, churches, streetlights, city life and yourselfs in both day and night. Exceptionally beautiful….thanks so much for sharing.

    Lego land, wow Don I am sure you would have loved to spend some time there given that even now you have 4 or 5 totes of your own lego tucked away in storage.

    We are experiencing such difficutly deciding which photos of you and Desi to have framed…they are all so beautiful. And as you mentioned Don, there are several others to choose from, we will probably need your help. Desi we are so thrilled to have you part of our family.

    Love Mom and Walter

  2. Meme & Pepe
    August 30th, 2009 | 10:59 am

    Hi Don & Desi

    Just a note before we leave. You are both so very artistic, that we see only beauty in all the pictures. You bring it to life for us. Plus we feel real proud of both of you. Love you both tons & tons. will write when we get back.

    All our love
    Meme & Pepe

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