July 24 2009: Lunch in Budapest, Dinner in Vienna

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July 24th was absolutely the very best day for food in our whole Europe tour. Our morning in Budapest was far better than our evening: we could exchange money, reserve train seats, and find edible food! Additionally, the hotel we were at had free internet access which was a nice bonus.

We set out to exchange some out Euro to the funny-money used in Hungary (I think its called Forint). In countries like Hungary, assessing the value of things was quite difficult because the exchange was wasn’t a simple conversion. For example, in Romania a Euro was about 4.20 Lei, so you could do the math in your head. In Hungary, a Euro is 270 Forint. I still have some 200 Forint coins from our trip. Anyhow, Budapest is beautiful even when you’re just walking down the streets:

Now that we had some Forint in our hands, we set off to find a good meal. We decided to look for the same place that was recommended the previous day, and thankfully it was now open. Quite a nice little place, too!

We ordered some pork dishes which were simply outstanding. I’m sure the flavour was enhanced by our large appetites, but it was definitely a meal to remember. We were recommended to go to Budapest if only for the food, so we’re glad we got to experience it. Unfortunately we didn’t have too much time as our train was leaving shortly, but we still needed to mail our postcards.

Somehow, we managed to get the postcards mailed and arrive at the train station, jump on the train with less than a minute to go before it left the station. Phew! Wouldn’t be the end of the world if we missed it, but we had much to see in Vienna the same day. We arrived in Vienna a few hours later, boguht and mailed our next set of postcards and got directions to our hostel.

We didn’t know this, but the hostel is on a hillside overlooking the city. When we arrived, we were amazed by the beauty of the view. I took photos for a panorama that I was able to combine into one image when I got home. The view was breathtaking, to say the least:

After checking in, we asked the receptionist for a good place to eat. He recommended both a Beer Garden and a local restaurant on the hillside. We originally chose the Beer Garden, but thankfully ended up at the hillside restaurant (Weinbau Leitner). A quaint little place in the middle of a vineyard, completely packed with people. The food was delicious, as was the beer, wine, and especially the grape juice. This was probably the very food and atmosphere of any restaurant we visited in Europe. The waiter was great, he recommended most of our meal and answered all of our questions even though he didn’t speak English well. If anyone is ever in Vienna, please go here, it was amazing. They have a website, too. Also, this is the first time I had seen wine on tap before:

On our way out it was completely dark and raining, but the view of the city was definitely one to remember:

We were staying in a room with another couple, they seemed nice but we didn’t talk all that much. We drifted off to sleep with a wonderful day of traveling behind us, and another wonderful day ahead of us. 🙂


  1. Diane Enns
    August 29th, 2009 | 11:19 am

    Hi Don and Desi

    Finally some food and it looks very appetizing to me….Walter would say otherwise. First time that I have ever seen wine on tap, what a good idea.

    Nice photo of the streets in Budapest, I really like the the old buildings.

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day.

    Love Mom and Walter

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