July 20 2009: Dentist, Archaeoligical Museum

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We started our day with a trip to Desi’s dentist in Varna. Desi wanted to go for a cleaning and I hopped in the chair too. They used a water-sonic device which I had never been exposed to before, and with my front fillings it was extremely painful. Probably the best cleaning I’ve ever had though. 🙂

Our next stop was the Varna Archaeological Museum. Desi had never been there before so it was new to both of us. We bought our first round of postcards in the giftshop and our admission was only about $2 each. As soon as we walked in, there was “no cameras” signs everywhere, which was a little bit of a disappointment. That is, until we noticed that there wasn’t really anyone enforcing this policy with the exception of little old ladies sitting outside the exhibits reading newspapers. They were relatively easy to avoid 🙂

I was quite surprised by the quality of the content in this museum. Very few things were in English so Desi helped me out by translating things I was interested in knowing about, and we walked through halls ranging from coins to tools, weapons to paintings, and everything in between. Part of the museum even included the reconstruction of a church, based on artifacts they found near Varna. You could walk through this exhibit as the items were all copies. It was also in a room off of another room, so it was easy to snap a photo without being noticed:

We were running out of time so we had to rush through some of the sections. Whenever we’re back in Varna I’d love to spend more time here, it was well worth the admission!

Our next stop was to visit Desi’s friend Gery, where we spent a few hours chatting about anything and everything. Desi’s real-time translation skills continued to improve, and I’m sure Gery was just as impressed as I was. On our way home we stopped and bought some roast chicken and had a nice dinner before heading to the internet club and updating everyone on our adventure.

We also did most of our packing that night, as the following morning we were leaving for Romania. Before bed, I took a moment to snap a few night photos off the balcony:

I hope everyone is enjoying these daily updates, and I will continue to do them as long as I can find the time 🙂


  1. Meme & Pepe
    August 20th, 2009 | 5:55 pm

    Hi Don & Desi

    It is Meme again. I love hearing all about your trip & all the pictures.
    The night pictures of Varna are really neat. To-day is my sister Fran’s B-Day. She is 56. she’s the baby of the family. I just called her & wished her a happy B-day. I told her about your blog , so she could see all the news. Talk to you again soon.

    Love Meme & Pepe

  2. Diane Enns
    August 20th, 2009 | 11:20 pm

    Hi Don and Desi

    The night pictures, a true reflection of what you can really see….great that you are able to reveal this to us through your remarkable photography skills.

    The museum photos are fantastic…especially the gold.

    Desi, I am sure that Don is very thankful that you are able to translate conversations for him…. I would like to learn a few words myself and Walter too.

    Love Mom and Walter

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