Still alive! (In London)

We have been without internet access for some time, sorry everyone. The hostels we were staying in either didn’t have access or the terminals were broken. Even now, this terminal is completely locked down so we can’t update any photos.

We’ve been to quite a few interesting places, including castles in Fussen, Germany and many of the sights in Paris. Tons of photos which I’ll likely only get to once we are back home, or maybe in Varna to just put a few up.

We just recently arrived in London, though we may not stay long. A planned visit with a friend has been cancelled (Kiff – wish you all the best on your recovery) but I’m sure the UK has much to offer in sights and experiences.

We’ll update you when we can, but internet here is expensive (1 £ = 15 minutes). Compared to Varna, it was a Leva for about an hour! (about $0.85 Canadian). what a difference from one end of the continent to the other. I have many more comparisons that I will write about at length when I’m comfy at home in Canada.

For now, the adventure continues 🙂

A few photos before we’re off again

We’re heading out to visit some towns in Germany today, hopefully there will be much to see. We are excited to be taken around by Elena, who knows the area well and can show us interesting things.

Here are some photos from the last few days, just a few that represent a much larger collection that I’ll have to share when we’re back in “Kanada”.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral was pretty cool, it is amazing what thousands of years of catholicism can create. We look forward to seeing more cool buildings in our travels. More pics:

The adventure continues! 🙂

Somewhere in Germany

Tonight we are in Germany. I dont remember the name of the town, but it is about an hour drive outside of Munich. We are staying with an old friend of mine, Elena. Elena went to Lasalle Secondary School with me and many of my friends, and was very helpful for us today. We are at her parents place (which is astoundingly beautiful) for the night, and back to Munich tomorrow at some point. After we have had our fill of Munich, Desi and I are heading off to Fussen to see some castles.

I want to upload one photo tonight before I fall alseep, so here it is, a view of Vienna from yesterday:

The adventure continues!

Lunch in Budapest, Dinner in Vienna

The internet terminal in this hostel is completely locked down so I can’t post pictures, and they do crazy things like switch the Z and Y on the keyboard, among other things.

Just letting zou know that we are heading to bed soon in a beautiful hostel in Vienna, overlooking the city. Vienna looks stunning at night, and its definitely a view to remember.

We had a wonderful lunch in Budapest, one of the best lunches I’ve ever had, followed by a very authentic dinner in Vienna, in a small rural restaurant in the middle of a vineyard. I bought a souvenir for you here mom, try and guess what it was 😉

Everything is well with us and hopefully tomorrow at this time we will be in Munich, Germany. Desi and I send our love to everyone, especially to those who post comments 🙂 The adventure continues!

Sorry no photos, I’ll post more when I can 🙂

Adventures in Transylvania

So we had a lot of fun in Romania, especially in the Transylvania region. We visited the medieval town of Brashov, two castles, and many other things that I’ll write about when I’m back home. For now though, here is another set of photos from our journey. Not sure when I’ll have internet access again, but stay tuned!

We’re in Budapest right now, heading to Vienna later today (hopefully). The adventure continues!

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