A Day to Remember

Today will always be a very special day for me; It is a day of reflection, respect and admiration of one of the most influential people in my life.

By now it has been a little over a year without him, and not a day has gone by without me thinking of my dad. I often chuckle to myself when I get in a tough situation, knowing his outside-the-box thinking would find a solution I haven’t thought of. I feel a great sense of pride in my accomplishments because I know how proud he would have been to see them himself.

I reflect mostly on the last year of his life, which was when the two of us were the closest. I would visit him once a week (while working and going to school) and we would simply spend time together. We’d tell stories, play with toys and amusements I would bring him and always have a few laughs.

I know this bonding meant a lot to both of us, and I will cherish it always. It feels really good to know that we shared secrets and left nothing unsaid.

Sadly, I don’t have many photos from the later years. Many of them were likely digital and didn’t last the same way film does (with film, you always have a physical copy and the negatives). If anyone has some later photos of my dad and I, I would very much appreciate a copy.

Here is a small collection of past memories, all of which make me smile.

I love you, Dad.

18 Years Later…

From four years old to the age of 22, I’ve spent a good part of my life has been spent learning. June 17th was the culmination of 18 years of education, with my college diploma.

By no means is this an end – only a point of reference on a lifelong journy of learning. I have to say though, its great to be out of the classroom!

Mom, Walter, and Desi attended my commencement, using up all three of the guest tickets I had been given. It was long and ultimately quite boring, so thanks guys for putting up with three hours of blabbering for 30 seconds of me walking across the stage. Much appreciated!

…and a special thanks to all of my family and friends that have helped me over the last 18 years. The help and support you have provided to me has got me to where I am today, and will never be forgotten. Thanks again!

A day at the shore

I went  to Barrie’s lakeshore today to take some photos. I was pleasantly greeted by some Mallard Ducks in the area. I know I’ve taken a ton of pictures of Mallards before, but these were different – the ducklings were around!

I felt so relaxed when I was taking these pictures, I watched the ducks for quite some time. The little ducklings would follow mom everywhere, and as people walking their dogs would come close they would scurry further away and slowly make their way back. I spent about two hours down at the lakeshore today, and judging by these photos, I’d say that it was time very well spent. Wow these little guys are cute!

There were many great pics today. Even though it was a familiar subject to photograph, it always keeps my attention.

Barrie at Night

As part of a project I’m starting at Money Concepts, I needed a nice photo of Barrie’s lakeshore. So last night coming home from work at Black’s and I stopped by Barrie’s Southshore Center and took a photo across Kempenfelt Bay of the Barrie cityline. I wanted to share it with everyone here.

This is one picture, not a panorama. I simply cropped heavily on the top and bottom . The full-res one is here if you want an even closer look.


There has never been a time in my life when I “expected” to see a rainbow. They have always come as a surprise, and this Saturday was no exception.

I had heard that there was something going on at Barrie’s lakeshore, a festival that included some War of 1812 battle reenactments which I thought would be a blast to photograph. By the time I got there the festival was over; the vendors were packing up and the performers were scattering as their last battle had just wrapped up. There wasn’t much to photograph, except this rainbow that caught my eye just as I decided to head back to the truck and head home. A nice, unexpected way to end my day.

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