Beauty in small places

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I was walking along Barrie’s lakeshore the other day, waiting form some prints to be ready at work. I had some time for a quick trip down to the waterfront, so I used it. I walked along the beaten path and occasionally peaked over the edge of the hill leading down towards the water to see if I could spot anything of interest. A small speck of white in the distance caught my eye.

It’s amazing what you can find in the smallest places, if your eyes are open. Having a camera with me helps me keep my eyes open to things such as this, but taking pictures like this reminds me to do it more often in everyday life.

Often times there is so much beauty in the world that goes completely unnoticed, simply because we are not looking for it. If I look for it in small or unusual place, I’m sure I’ll find it. This is likely the only photo that will ever be taken of this particular Cabbage White Butterfly, so there is its moment in the spotlight.

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