Beauty in small places

I was walking along Barrie’s lakeshore the other day, waiting form some prints to be ready at work. I had some time for a quick trip down to the waterfront, so I used it. I walked along the beaten path and occasionally peaked over the edge of the hill leading down towards the water to see if I could spot anything of interest. A small speck of white in the distance caught my eye.

It’s amazing what you can find in the smallest places, if your eyes are open. Having a camera with me helps me keep my eyes open to things such as this, but taking pictures like this reminds me to do it more often in everyday life.

Often times there is so much beauty in the world that goes completely unnoticed, simply because we are not looking for it. If I look for it in small or unusual place, I’m sure I’ll find it. This is likely the only photo that will ever be taken of this particular Cabbage White Butterfly, so there is its moment in the spotlight.

The Birds of May

During the month of May I did a bit of hiking through some of the naturalized areas near home. I’ve captured quite a few bird photos along the way. Here are a few of the pics that I’ve gathered so far this year, with one of the better ones being this Tree Swallow (thanks Grampa for correcting the ID):

I really enjoyed capturing these images, so expect more in the future!

Congratulations Karryna

I was briefly in Sudbury on the 27th of May to attend Karryna (my step sister)’s high school graduation. Both her and I attended the same school, so there were some familiar faces in the audience. A few of my clasmates where there to watch their siblings graduate as well.

Karryna won more awards than anyone else that evening, and I’m sure everyone is very proud of her. I brought my camera equipment with me and snapped off a few photos of the evening:

She’s going on to study music at Laurentian, and I wish her all the best.

Another walk in the woods

I was pleased with the photos that I had found last time I went for a walk in the woods, so yesterday I headed out again (third time this year). The sky was threatening rain for most of the afternoon (and had been raining most of the morning) but I still wanted to get outside on my day off. It was one of those days where everything smelled very fresh after the rain, which was enough to convince me to head outside and enjoy the day. I went to the same patch of woods I had been to before, partly because I don’t know of many more less that five minutes from home. I should look into other places for next time.

It’s interesting to see how things change even only after a few weeks. Everything was much greener, and felt more “alive”. I spotted some interesting things here and there, and I thought I’d share.

This Red Trillium was a little off the beaten path. I hadn’t seen them in the area before, so it was a nice thing to find. There were two plants, and this was the bigger of the two.

It had just finished raining when I was out, so the water was still collected on many of the plants along the forest floor. This patch of greenery was a great example.

There are many more pictures below. I’m not sure what the names of the plants and critters are, but if anyone is reading this wants to fill me in it would be quite helpful!

Edit: Thanks for all the hints and identifications! I filled out the descriptions a little better 🙂

Trilliums blooming

I enjoyed my walks recently, and found time again yesterday to head out again. Nothing too interesting to photograph, but the atmosphere was very relaxing. I really should do this more often.

I found a small patch of trilliums that had started to open up, and snapped this photo that I thought I’d share.

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