Antique Picture

Some of you will have seen this particular picture before. I receieved it from my dad, who received it from my grandfather, who receieved it from his mother (my great grandmother). While it has been in the family for a while, I know little about it. It is probably not terribly important, but the fact that it has passed through four generations makes it special to me.

I had to take the picture out of its frame to photograph it, and found something interesting. On the backside of the cardboard backing that was holding the photo in place, there is some information. Apparently, the cardboard was originally from a parcel. It’s interesting how seemingly meaningless things from generations ago become clues to a forgotten story. Here is one of the stickers that was on the parcel:

This clearly states that the parcel was shipped in 1933, meaning the picture is at least that old. The owner of the parcel is a bit of a mystery to me too:

I am not sure who this is, but maybe some of my older relatives do? Chances are slim I’m sure, but it is interesting just the same! Because I can’t read Ukranian (at least, I *think* thats what language this is written in) I have no idea what the picture is about other than it is religious orthodox in nature.

I’d love to know more about this picture, if anyone out there has any information! You can see the full-resolution photo of the picture by clicking here (easier to read the text).

Update: Just talked with Grandpa, he says that Nick Halyk was his grandmother’s brother (my great great grandmother’s brother) and Birmingham was only a few kilometers from the town he grew up in. Interesting that this picture could have passed through five generations!

Anniversary Painting

As some of you may know, my girlfriend Desi is a very talented abstract artist. Her paintings are quite amazing, you can see a few of them here. For Christmas, Desi bought me a blank canvas to try my own hand at painting. To be honest, I haven’t painted since early elementary school but really wanted to try again, some 15 years later.

On January 14th, Desi and I celebrated being together for one year, and it was definitely a year worth celebrating. To commemorate this, we decided to paint something together. I love the way it turned out, and I can see this being an annual tradition in the future. I want to share this creation with everyone, so tell me what you think! Keep in mind Desi is more talented than I am, but I think we created something pretty nice together. 🙂

A little project

I had an idea for a photo back in the fall, but I needed a bit of preparation and hope. I would need bright red maple leaves in the dead of winter. So, like in Kindergarten I went out and collected my favourite leaves and ironed them between wax paper. Next, I hoped for a winter day that gave me bright sunlight, fresh snow, and little to no wind. Today happened to be that day.

And here is the result:

I usually don’t plan for pictures to this degree, but it was a neat idea I had that I hoped would turn out nicely, and I think it did.

I often compare Canada to other nations and I’m very grateful to be where I am. While Canada is not perfect, no place in the world is. With that in mind, I think it’s as close as you can get. I’m Canadian, and proud of what that means.

edit: I changed the aspect ratio of the photo to be that of the true Canadian flag, which is 2:1. Looks a little better this way 🙂

Worldly Photos, cont.

This holiday I had the opportunity to go through a box of photos and scan more of the pictures left to me by my dad. These pictures were randomly found in various albums and boxes, without any indication of when or where they were taken. If you know more about them, feel free to let me know and I’ll update the descriptions. I had remembered seeing some of these pictures when I was younger, one of which always stuck in my mind for some reason:

Mac Hamburguesas! Surely a blatant rip-off of the fast-food chain trademark, possibly in Mexico or any number of other Spanish-speaking countries Dad had visited. Aside from humour, there was plenty of beauty found in that dusty old box.

There are so many mountainside photos, all of them breathtaking. You’ll find more pictures from landscapes to urban decay in the gallery below. Sadly, where these photos were taken is mostly lost to me, but the photos still carry a very powerful message for me: experience the world.

Christmas Day scenery

On our way to Sudbury on Christmas day, I had stopped at a few places to take photos. Christmas Eve brought the region some heavy snowfall, which had coated all of the trees making the treelines bright white.

The French River was particularly beautiful that day, so I stopped and took this photo from the bridge:

I also wanted a photo of a country road showing off the aftermath of the storm. We pulled off onto the next sideroad we found (I believe it was Pickerel Lake Rd) and on our way back to the highway I found the photo I was looking for:

Beautiful scenery, a special treat for me on Christmas Day. I am definitely not a fan of winter, but days like that almost win me over.

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