Adventures on Christmas Day

Between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I logged somewhere around 20 hours of driving. I had to be in a lot of different places, and I somehow managed to make it happen. Christmas morning was spent at home, after which I travelled to Toronto to spend some time with Desi and her mom. From there we headed to Sudbury and had a blast with family, many of which Desi had not met before. Before the night was over I had driven Desi back to Toronto and myself back to Barrie to work the boxing day rush. Phew!

But you know what? I’d do all that driving again in a heartbeat.

Christmas Day was great this year, seeing so much family. Aunt Louise, uncle Mark, and my cousins Hannah and Essa were around this year, which the first year in nearly about 20 years since all of my mom’s sisters were together for Christmas Day. This required a group shot of everyone of course, which I’d love to share with everyone:

There were so many great moments this year, and I’m glad that I had my camera to capture them and share them. Years from now I’m sure I’ll look back on these pictures and smile. Its too bad that Mika, Melissa, and Karryna were not able to be in the family group shot, but for the one I’ll be printing they will be at least added in afterwards. The whole album from Christmas Day is below. I’ll be mailing out a few sets of these photos to people, so if you’d like one, let me know!

A great Christmas Eve

So things have started to settle down a little and I have had time to go through all of the photos that I have taken so far this Christmas.

Christmas Eve was wonderful, as it always is. Last year I wasn’t able to be there and it always bugged me, and this year it felt so good to be around family. Someone was missing this year, but it didn’t weigh too heavy on me. I know Dad was there in spirit, as he always will be. Christmas is always a time to celebrate togetherness and family, and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family – on both sides. I took quite a few photos on Christmas Eve, many of which I’d love to share here.

Here’s a photo of the bunch of us from that evening. We should take a picture like this every year!

The gallery with the rest is below, each one with comments. Feel free to browse them! A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Dad’s Black & White Album

I’m going through my dad’s photos, hoping to eventually have the bulk of them scanned. Yesterday I decided to scan an album he put together of black & white photos, mostly of the parliament buildings in Ottawa. Some of the detail in these pictures really impressed me, and I’d like to share them.

That’s probably my favourite right there, the angle and the detail make it frame-worthy. I’m glad that I have time during the holidays to go through some of these, I’ll post more interesting ones when I get the chance to scan them. Check out the whole album below!

Duck, duck, deer!

Just recently I received my new camera, the Canon 5D mark II. Itching for a subject to photograph, I headed down the road to the place where I can always find ducks, even in the dead of winter. Sure enough, there were plenty of Mallards to photograph, and a couple of the shots turned out really nicely!

Taking photos of these ducks really made me wish I had a longer telephoto lens, as 300mm just doesn’t seem to cut it with my camera. At one point, a couple of ducks (male and female) swam much closer and I snapped another great shot. Wish I had more like this!

The owner of the property told me that after the sun sets, there are quite a few deer that come around. Thinking this would be a great chance to test out the light sensitivity of my camera, I came back just after dusk and sure enough, there were a few deer roaming around. Here is one of the better shots from that evening:

Can’t wait to get some more use out of my camera, I’ll have tons of photos to post just after Christmas I’m sure. As of Saturday I have finished my 3rd semester at Georgian, so I have much more free time now and you should see more updates from  me here 🙂