Up in the air

This past weekend was a fairly memorable one for me. It had been decided that we would bury my father’s ashes then, before it got too cold to do so. On Sunday we traveled to Onaping Lake. My grandparent’s has a camp here for a number of years when their children were growing up, and there was one particular island that my dad used to go to all by himself. Whether it was to fish, play, or just contemplate, this was his place. Since then it was referred to by my family as David’s Island. This is where my dad is now.

We had fun in the boat too, with uncle Mike, myself and Grandma and Grandpa we traversed the extremely shallow waters surrounding one of the larger islands. Paddles were used when it got a little tricky, and Grandma and Grandpa were obviously outside of their comfort zone but its great to have a little adventure once in a while. 😉

I also wanted to take the time in Sudbury to go on a flight or two with my uncle Mike. He’s an amatuer pilot with a pretty nice plane, a KitFox IV. He’s also an instructor and has a lot of flight time under his belt. We had a blast up in the plane, on two separate flights. He even taught me briefly about how to propery control the plane when its in the air. A basic introduction at best, but I appreciate the knowledge! Maybe next time I’ll learn a little more. Thanks for the great time, uncle Mike!

Rest In Peace, Dad.

School! (no free time)

So the new semester is here, I’m a little more than a week into it and the work seems non-stop. Trying to stay ahead of the deadlines, which isn’t always easy but I’m managing much better than last year.

Sorry for the lack of updates here, I just haven’t had very much time for it. My camera will be getting tons of use on the weekend on the 20-21st so hopefully then I’ll have something interesting to write about 🙂