First car shoot, thanks Brent!

I had both yesterday and today off work, and yesterday evening a family friend, Brent came over to get some nice photos of his Mustang. We took a few on my street and then a few down by the local school (nice scenery). It was my first time intentionally photographing a vehicle of any kind, and I enjoyed it a lot. I took many shots and here is my favourite:

I took some time today and edited them all to my liking and printed Brent off a nice collage and framed it for him with the pictures below. He was very much impressed with it, and that justified the time and effort I put into it. Its a great feeling when friends and family appreciate the things you can do for them, so Brent, thanks for not only giving me experience but enjoying the fruits of my labour.

Oh, we also took a few of his dog, Max. Heres a good shot of that too:

They were right, I was thoroughly rocked.

Yesterday was a special day. Thanks to my cousin James, Both Desi and I went to see the Queen musical, “We Will Rock You” in Toronto at the Panasonic Theatre.

I’ve got to say that it was far above my expectations. You could really connect with the performers and many of the songs were quite moving. Sometimes funny and sometimes emotional, my first experience going to a musical was amazing. I recommend anyone looking for an afternoon or night out (they have shows at 2pm and 8pm) to definitely check it out. Thanks so much James! James got some free tickets that he couldn’t use, so we put them to good use.

Afterwards, we drove a block or two away to The Keg Mansion, where they served me the biggest steak I have ever eaten. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of this, but I do have a photo of Desi and I after dinner in the lounge upstairs. Cute couple, eh? 😉

A day in Toronto

This past week we had some family visiting from Walter’s side. His sister Ginger and her kids Ben and Karen (my step-aunt and step-cousins, if you will) were here from the US for a week. My step-sister Karryna was also here for most of their visit and one day the whole family went to Toronto for the day.

We took the GO Train there and back so the whole day was done on foot. We went to Kensington Market, had lunch at a very nice restaurant and before we headed home we stopped by the Steamwhistle Brewery for some free drinks and a tour. Unfortunately the tours were all booked up, but at least the beer was good.

Took my camera long for the trip, and here are a few choice pictures from the day. Some of you might also not recognize Mark in these pictures. He is Walter’s brother and lives with us. He has Down Syndrome but is fairly functional; an all-around great guy.

Also, testing out the NextGEN Gallery plugin for this post. Does it work well? I hope to use this for all future posts with lots of pictures.

Slide Scanning

Last month we had a great BBQ at my uncle Mike’s place in Sudbury, and we were all treated to a nifty slide show of photos uncle Mike took 10-20 years ago. I asked to take the box of slides when I left in order to scan them, and I just completed that last night. 282 photos, so it took a while to get done but I’m glad that these are digital now and much easier to share and enjoy. Here is a few of them that I liked:

New computer!

You might be aware that I have been waiting on a new computer. Finally it has arrived, I’ve completely tweaked and tuned it to my exact needs and installed most of the software I’ll use on a day-to-day basis. Awesome! My old one was going on 4 and a half years, so it was time for me to bite the bullet and upgrade. Here she is:

For those technologically inclined, read the rest of the post for the tech specs of the machine, basically a list of every part I put in it.

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