Soundtrack collection arrives! Woo!

Yeah, I’m a geek, nerd, whatever you want to call it. I collect video games and if I like them enough, I try and find the accompanying soundtrack.

Music created for video games often has an extremely high production quality, and game music is probably the biggest market for composers. The orchestral scores of many big-ticket games are great to listen to. I’ll throw together a playlist of tunes while I do homework, edit photos, or just tinker with anything else.

Final Fantasy XI Premium Box So when I found out that Square Enix had a Final Fantasy XI Premium Box set of all the music from the massively-multiplayer role playing game, at clearance prices… I jumped on it! It arrived today. Holy crap is this a huge set! All of the soundtracks from the game and every expansion, plus a great piano remix CD – complete with all of the sheet music for every song! Well beyond my ability to play, but nice to have none-the-less.

This should keep me entertained until my new computer arrives… UPS says its on its way in a couple days 🙂

Best spam e-mail title ever

Lately I have been getting a lot of spam e-mails. Some ask me to buy pills, other to refinance my mortgage or buy a new credit card. This new batch of spam has been throwing me crazy untrue news stories; JFK had an affair, the pope just died, Parris Hilton beat Obama, etc. But the best was this:

Switzerland To Be Devoured By Black Hole

I’m not sure who exactly these spammers are trying to attract, but a title as absurd as that actually made me check out the contents. the text contained in the e-mail reads: “Cindy Mccain Talks About Her Boobs” followed by a link to a phishing site. C’mon spammers, follow your crazy untrue news titles with equally hilarious content! Do Italy and France get devoured too? Was it because of that giant subatomic supercollider they built bordering Austria? Fill me in on uninformation!


So this is the very first post in my blog, I guess I should say what its for.

As an every-day internet user and technology enthusiast, I always find myself with opinions or comments about the things around me. A blog seemed like the natural way for me to share these comments and observances with the word, so here I am!

Yeah, I’ve had tons of sites before, mostly relating to video games. here’s my attempt at something a little more personal, whether it be pointless quirky things barely worth talking about or deep philosophical monologues, you’ll get what’s on my mind.

Be warned! 🙂

Work in progress!

Just set this darned thing up today, I’ll hopefully start ‘er tomorrow after I’ve customized an appropriate theme. Not sure if anyone would even stumble across it until then, but I need a new title too. The pondering begins!